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Customer: Eco-Fuels
Location: Eemshaven

Date: February 2021


· Read out pressure transmitter data

· Advice on replacing the pressure transmitter


In preparation for an adjustment to the installation, the customer needed clarity about the possibilities that the current pressure transmitter had in the installation. However, the customer no longer had any data about this pressure transmitter. By reading the meter on site, we were able to determine that the meter is not suitable for the new application. In consultation with the customer, we ordered and installed a transmitter that was suitable for the application.

Date: March 2021


· Mass flow meter malfunction


The transmitter of an Emerson Coriolis flow meter was broken due to a closure. The transmitter had now been replaced by our own TD, but unfortunately no data was available regarding the settings of the old transmitter. Because production was dependent on this flow meter and it was not desirable to run manually all evening. We went to the location in the evening to support the TD. By simulating all signals, we were able to determine the desired settings and program them in the new transmitter. This allowed the customer to continue in automatic operation again.